“Doug takes classical voice and speech technique and presents it in a way that is both practical and easy to understand. His instruction in breathing, phonetics and dialects will continue to pay dividends to me as a professional artist for years to come!”

Louise Casemore, Artistic Director, Defiance Theatre

Dr. Douglas Abel’s ACCENTuate the + provides individual instruction and coaching and group workshops in voice production, speech, dialects and acting for actors, singers and other professional voice users. Dr. Abel provides services for:

  • Effective voice production: tone, range, ease, power and expressiveness.
  • Effective speech: colour nuance, precision, excitement.
  • Acting and voice for singers: working through and from singing technique to discover and express the meaning and emotion of musical works.
  • Dialects: mastering both the general quality and musicality, and the specific sound changes in dialects of English. Emotional, cultural and social features of dialects.
  • Dialect and character: making a dialect an essential feature of a character’s nature, words and actions.
  • Text analysis and interpretation: finding and expressing the full meaning, emotion, range and nuances of dramatic and poetic texts.
  • Presentational and cold reading skills: mastering the techniques of bringing words on a page to life, and of making an effective impression in a cold audition reading.
  • Choral speaking: listening, responding, speaking and meaning together.
  • Audition techniques: selecting, preparing and delivering dramatic monologues for audition success.

Both individual and group instruction are tailored to specific client needs and schedules. To check rates, arrange for instruction or find out more about ACCENTuate the +, please contact us.